Head Start and Early Head Start programs set children on the right path by supporting brain development and physical, mental, and emotional health at the age when it’s needed most. These programs provide a safe and caring environment for children when their parents are working or going to school, offering much needed support to families who are struggling financially.

Head Start and Early Head Start programs give kids, aged 0-5, the tools to develop their reading, communication and behavior skills. Thanks to these programs, students are prepared mentally and emotionally when they enter school.

Despite the benefits of these programs, there are too many families that still cannot access these programs. In some places the programs are full and more spots for kids are needed. In rural areas, lack of transportation to facilities can often prevent children from accessing the services. Family income slightly above the federal poverty levels keeps some kids from entering the program when they desperately need the programming. State governments should work to expand access to Head Start and Early Head Start programs by including funding in their state budgets these programs. Infrastructure investments, such as providing student transportation, improving facilities to accommodate more students and supporting increased participation, are critical to supporting the development of children across the country.

The information throughout this site will help you talk to parents, community leaders, and decision makers to make sure that Head Start and Early Head Start programs can help kids in your community.

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Lorain County Head Start earns ‘quality-affirming’ federal review

Lorain County Community Action Agency is celebrating a quality-affirming” federal review of its Head Start program.

The Morning Journal

March 7, 2019

Head Start lunch promotes positive male role models

Too many children enrolled in the Head Start program in Cole County don’t have male role models. And too few men volunteer to participate in activities at the Cole East Head Start program, spearheaded by Central Missouri Community Action.

News Tribune

March 6, 2019

Cleaner Classrooms and Rising Scores: With Tighter Oversight, Head Start Shows Gains

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — When federal officials inspected this city’s Head Start program five years ago, they found moldy classrooms, exposed wires, leaking sewage, a sagging roof and trash-strewn playgrounds littered with safety hazards. A teacher had jerked a student so hard she dislocated the girl’s shoulder.

The New York Times

February 4, 2019